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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  March 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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(grant) breaking news... beto o'rourke is running for president of the united states. the former el paso congressman will make the announcement tomorrow morning... but he confirmed the news via text to kron4's sister station in el paso. speculation on whether he speculation on whether he would run for president has been discussed since his senate loss to ted cruz in november. the field of democratic candidates already includes kamala harris, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and julian castro, among others. former vice president joe biden is also expected to announce his intentions soon. (grant) now back our top story tonight... with the stroke of a pen today governor gavin newsom halted the execution of more than 700
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inmates on death row.(vicki) kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us how lawmakers and victims advocates are responding. nats--"to line people up to be executed"so long as gavin newsom is governor, california's death row inmates will not be executed.the governor announced his executive order alongside an army of supportive state lawmakers...((rob bonta d-san francisco)) "i think we're on the right track, this is who california is. the death penalty is not humane, it's not civilized and it's broken." the death chamber at san quentin state prison shut down wednesday afternoon.. paper signs posted on doors citing governor's orders.(newsom) "i did this with a heavy heart, with deep appreciation with deep appreciation for the emotions that drives this issue and i did it with the victims in mind."some republican lawmakers, inlcuding the president, oppose the move... saying this ignores california voters, when they rejected to repeal the death penalty in 2016, and voted to speed it enforcement groups say they understand both sides, but the decision is unfortunate for victim families.(jay varney -
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president of california peace officer's association)) "the families get no closure, they're left to wait another eight years to determine will the victim who catastrophically impacted my family or my life be put to death?"((ashley)) the governor's order does not allow for the convictions to be changed or for the inmates to be released. state lawmakers this year are considering a bill that would place the removal of the death penalty back on the ballot again for voters to decide. tag. (grant) taking a look now at some of the infamous inmates currently on death row at san quentin. scott peterson was convicted in the death of his wife laci and their unborn son. lonni franklin --- is a convicted serial killer. vincent brothers --- a former high school principal convicted of killing his three children and mother-in-law. and richard allen davis --- has been on
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death row since 19-96 for the kidnap and murder of 12- year-old polly klaas from petaluma. (vicki) today-- marc klass-- the father of polly klaas-- spoke out about the governor's decision. and he does not support it. (grant) (vicki)(vicki) (vicki) you can see more
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interviews like this on our new app-- kron-on. it is the bay area's only live, local news streaming... 24/7 commercial- free service. download it today from the app store ... right now kron is offering a free one week trial. (grant) happening tonight in the south bay... a community meeting in a san jose neighborhood where oposed encampment. right now-- the hope village encampment is near the airport-- on city owned land. but operators
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say the land cannot accommodate the amount of people they currently house-- and they need to relocate. the proposed new site for hope village is in willow glen-- and neighbors tell kron-4 they are not happy about it. the meeting tonight is at the elks lodge in san jose at 7:00. (vicki) in the east bay... a tesla crashes into a restaurant in danville. it happened this morning at the "fish on fire" sushi restaurant at the town and country shopping center off of san ramon valley boulevard. police say the crash was caused by a "pedal confusion". they say the tesla's self- driving and self-parking features are not factors. nobody was injured and officials say the building appears to be structurally safe. lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful spring-like day for the bay area. there was plenty of sunshine and highs were mainly in the 60s. doppler radar is quiet for now and the winds have calmed down. it will be a clear and starry night with chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure sitting over california. it's going to stick around through the weekend. highs tomorrow will
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be in the 60s with sunshine and high clouds. this weekend will be even warmer with highs in the 60s and 70s. (grant) in national news tonight... it's the end of one chapter in special counsel robert mueller's probe -- but not the end of legal drama for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort.(vicki) shortly after a judge added to manafort's prison time for charges related to his lobbying business, new charges were filed against him in new
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york state. karin caifa has details from washington. paul manafort in a d.c. federal courtroom, saying, "i am sorry for what i've done." the former trump campaign chairman, wearing a suit, seated in a wheelchair, for his second sentencing in less than a week.judge amy berman jackson, responding, "saying i'm sorry i got caught, is not an inspiring plea for leniency".she sentenced him to an additional 43 months in prison on top of the 47-month sentence delivered in northern virginia, for a total of about 7-and-a-half sentencing, manafort's attorney, nearly drowned out, by protesters.kevin downing / attorney for paul manafort: two courts have ruled no evidence of any collusion with the russians.the sentencing caps manafort's 17-month legal battle with special counsel robert mueller's team.indicted by mueller in october 2017, a northern virginia jury found him guilty on eight counts of financial fraud related to his lobbying business, last august. last november, judge jackson ruled manafort violated a plea agreement on the two conspiracy and witness tampering charges for which he was sentenced wednesday, by lying.prosecutors described manafort's work as, "corrosive to faith in the political process, both in the united states and abroad."shortly after the d.c. sentencing, the
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manhattan district attorney's office unsealed new charges against manafort -- state charges that could not be pardoned by the washington, i'm karin caifa. (vicki) president trump described manafort's legal troubles as a 'very sad situation," and when asked by reporters if he'd consider a pardon of his former aide -- said he hadn't given it a thought. (grant) coming up... amid the college admissions cheating scandal... we are learning about hard working teens who are overcoming obstacles... and getting into college. hear from one young man who used to be homeless-- and now has dozens of schools from which to chose. (vicki) and the f-d-a is cracking down on retailers selling e-cigarettes to teens. the new restrictions that the agency wants to impose -- next on kron4 news at five.
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in tonight's 4 your health -- the f-d-a wants to keep e-cigarettes away from teens.(vicki) the agency revealed new recommendations for e-cig retailers today. the recommendations would restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products to minors... and require f-d-a approval for such products by 20-21. outgoing f-d-a commissioner"scott gottliebá says the recommendations would likely lead to some e-
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cigarette products being taken off the market. he also said under the proposed policy -- manufacturers and retailers may be subject to f-d-a enforcement for selling e-cigs without authorization. if finalized, the recommendations would replace a policy proposed two years ago. (grant) still ahead... it has been a long and contentious history of the death penalty in california. we'll take a look back at the ongoing fight.
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( grant ) san quentin's
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execution chamber has been the centerpiece of a legal and political tug of war stretching back more than half a century.and if history is any guide, the debate is not likely to end with governor newsom's moratorium(vicki )ken wayne is here to show us how that debate has played out over the years.ken? (ken) grant and vicki, some of their names have faded from memory; caryl chessman, aaron mitchell, robert alton harris, clarence ray allen and rose birdfour condemned men and the first female chief justice of the california supreme court. all of them playing a role in the history of capital punishment in california. jail cell sfxmay second, 1960 ... convicted robber, rapist and kidnapper caryl chessman died proclaiming his innocence as cyanide fumes filled the exeution chamber at san quentin.chessman spent nearly twelve years on death row, writing best-selling books .... and winning the support of authors, artists and intellectuals from around the 1967 ... aaron mitchell became the last person to die in san quentin's gas chamber... protesters calling it social murder.less than three months later a federal judge issued a stay of
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all executions in california. five years later the state supreme court struck down the death penalty as unconstitution alnotorious criminals like charles manson and sirhan sirhan were taken off in november voters reacted by overwhelmingly passing proposition 17 and reinstating capital punishment ... but executions did not resume.welcome to the february 5th calender of the california supreme court.california's chief justice rose bird was a one woman roadblock.she has voted on death penalty cases 55 times. and 55 times she has voted against november 1986, california's first female chief justice added another first ... the first to be voted out of office.the door to the gas chamber was open again, and in 1992 robert alton harris became the first prisoner put to death in california in a quarter=century.a dozen others followed harris, the most recent, in 2006. "clarence ray allen was executed after spending 23 years on death row"sfxsince then, the state has pent 850=thousand dollars on a new execution chamber, described by kron four reporter alecia reid.there are four rooms surrounding the death chamber and this one for the witnesses and the press.
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(ken) (ken) that new execution room being dismantled and put in storage. just a few years ago, californian's voted down a death penalty repeal, so there's no guarantee it won't be used again. grant and vicki? (grant) a major winter storm is blasting the heartland of the country today.
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this is what it looks like in denver, colorado. the city is under a blizzard warning. the storm is called a "bomb cyclone" -- because it features a rapid drop in pressure over 24-hours. blizzard conditions, heavy wind gusts and possible tornadoes and flooding are expected to affect tens of millions of people. flight aware reports more than one-thousand flight cancelations today. (anchor) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the weather across the country-- and here in the bay area. lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful spring-like day for the bay area. there was plenty of sunshine and highs were mainly in the 60s. doppler radar is quiet for now and the winds have calmed down. it will be a clear and starry night with chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure sitting over california. it's going to stick around through the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s with sunshine and high clouds. this weekend will be even warmer with highs
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in the 60s and 70s. (vicki) (vicki) amazon is getting
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rid of any books that that promote "cures" for autism. the retailer removed the books from its website today in an effor to limit the amount of misinformation related to autism and the notion that it's caused by vaccines. the c-d-c says there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder -- only medications that can help some function better. it also says there is no link between vaccines and autism. last week, facebook announced it would hide groups that spread misinformation about vaccines causing autism from search results. (grant) next on the news at 5... we'll introduce you to a teenager who beat the odds... from homeless... to having his pick of more than a dozen colleges.
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homeless and broke isn't the head start most people would want to help them get into college.(grant) one new jersey student overcame that and other challenges... now he has options and a big decision to make. as ali bauman reports, he has 17 acceptance letters to choose from... and that's just so far. natsot"caldwell university." laid out in front of 17 year old dylan chidick are not just pamphlets of college options. natsot"njcu, ramapo and albright."they're acceptance letters.all 17 of them.dylan
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chidick/student"i have to have a lot of determination."after moving from trinidad at just seven years old and becoming a citizen, dylan and his family went through countless heartaches.his younger twin brothers are living with serious heart conditions.and his family has been in and out of homelessness.dylan chidick/student"there has been a lot of people saying you're not going to achieve this, and me, getting these acceptance letters kind of verifies what i have been saying, that i can do it, and i will do it."the jersey city teen set his goals high and met them.becoming the senior class presidt henry snyder high school, and was inducted into the honor he is to become the first in his family to go to was his single mother's courage to ask for help from the non-profit "women rising" that dylan says wants him to do better.khadine phillip/mother"it has been hard financially, we have been homeless."dylan chidick/student "putting herself out there like that, that made me more determined to never let us get back in that situation again." roseann mazzeo/women rising "she is a great example in doing all that's necessary to
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help her children."among many things, the center has put them up in permanent supportive dylan a safe place to on his last acceptance letter.dylan chidick/student"the college of haven't heard is my top school hoping that number brings him up to 18 choices. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(grant) ken wayne and terisa estacio are and terisa ken wayne and terisa estacio are here with kron 4 news at six. thank you grant and vicki. tonight at 6.... the death california penalty has been put on hold by governor gavin newsom. but how permanent is the move? we have a live report coming up. and two actresses embroiled in a college admissions scandal... have posted bond. but what about the bay area parents who have been implicated? we'll take a closer look at them. and paul manafort... facing another sentencing today... and more jail time. the
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be executed, premeditated, state sponsored excutions... that is a choice we can make. or, we can make an more enlightened choice."> (terisa) tonight at 6. the death chamber at san quentin has been shut down. governor gavin newsom today
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announcing a halt to the death penalty in california. workers disassembling the chamber today as a result of the order. that means the more than 700- inmates on the nation's largest death row will have their death sentences put on hold. (terisa) thank you for joining us. i'm terisa estacio in for pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. while nobody has been executed in the state since 2006... newsom contends the practice of keeping people on death row has cost taxpayers 5 billion dollars. (ken) it puts in place an executive moratorium on the death penalty in the form of a reprieve for all individuals sentenced to death in california. - withdraws california's lethal injection protocol - immediately closes the execution chamber at san quentin - states clearly the directive does not provide for the release of any individual from prison or otherwise alter any current conviction or sentence. today governor gavin newsom explained... he did not make this decision lightly. newsom: "i do this with a heavy hear


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